Mould Services:  Identification and Remediation

Addressing Biological Contamination Inside Buildings.

Root Cause Analysis.
Remediation Mitigation.

As a trusted Mould Remediation company since 2005, Healthy Building Systems Aust. provides remediation services to mitigate any type of mould and fungi from contaminated buildings and HVAC systems.

First choice for any Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-related complaints for thousands of commercial businesses, universities, hospitals, resource companies, and government bodies, because of our deep understanding of the complex nature (and effect) of mould growth and indoor contaminants on buildings and on human health.

Our great reputation comes from prompt, effective treatment of mould infestations, coupled with unparalleled expertise:  40+ years of site experience with containing and eradicating mildew, fungi and mould. Whether the infestation is minor or severe, contact us today.


Test, Remediate and Eradicate Mould

Mould, in the right environment can double every 24 hours, so understanding how it has come to be there is paramount. Healthy Building Systems Australia applies a building science approach, beginning with Root Cause Analysis to isolate mould, then remediate and mitigate so mould issue goes away.

  • Project managed full-scope hygiene services, across multiple sites.

  • Services to identify (Root Cause Analysis) and eradicate Mould, Viruses, Bacteria, or other infestation fallout.

  • Trusted partner for Facilities Managers, Building Owners and Risk Professionals.

  • Determine underlying-causes (sample, visual identification, testing, scientific analysis of fungal mould species.)

  • Anti-mould prevention initiatives (site-specific solutions)

  • Specialising in hygiene services for all types of built-environments – healthcare, aged care, education facilities, commercial and large-scale residential.


Australian-owned and operated, HBS are WA’s foremost toxic mould and mildew specialists, deploying the latest mould ID techniques and technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and safe, proprietary biocide products on every job.

Contact us , for an expert assessment of your built environment.