Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Industry-leading Innovation and Sanitisation Practices.

Cleaning protocols reduce Airbourne Pathogens

Polluted indoor air often comes from poor building ventilation, mould, even right down to how soft floorings are being managed.

Many illnesses are caused by unhealthy indoor pollution, viruses, mould, and bacteria, links to a wide range of ailments, drops in productivity, or even occupational disease.

Given 90% of our time is spent indoors, with direct connection to people’s health, demonstrates an obvious importance of selecting the right hygiene services provider, for your asset.  

Air Monitoring Addresses Biological Contamination Inside Buildings

Awareness is growing on the health concerns perpetrated by indoor environments – we should all be concerned with the nature and quality of indoor air, and how that impacts on our daily lives.Aspects of poor building ventilation to soft flooring management remains our focus because these sit behind illness and ailments, so often caused by unhealthy indoor pollution.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Legislation and duty of care requirements on companies, in relation to their responsibilities to address biological contamination inside buildings making it so vital to maintain clean, acceptable and healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), especially in light of all COVID-19 ramifications.

HVAC and any form of AC units, remain the greatest pathway for pollutants to enter and multiply within the system.More broadly consider hospitals….where in Australia, rates of hospital acquired infectious death (HAI) sit at 80,000pa.


Aligned with Facilities managers, to provide sound flooring hygiene management as well as HVAC purification programs. HBS Australia is industry-leaders operating to the code of practice in soft flooring standards Australia-New Zealand AS/NZS 3733-2018, and USA standards, guidelines for mould remediation IICRC 520. Water Restoration IICRC S500 and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Assn.) in the USA. Certification 12772546.

We are certified with IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) in the US – governing body promoting uniform standards, practices and procedures; and members of the forum group represent next generation innovations, technology and ideas globally, on the emerging fields of IAQ and IEQ.

Experienced IAQ Technicians

Only highly-trained technicians should investigate, rectify and mitigate IAQ triggers and issues. Air conditioning systems harbour dangerous contaminants with the potential to cross-contaminate your entire building; repeatedly degrading indoor air quality and affecting people, facilities, and assets.

Important to stipulate, HVAC hygiene is NOT part of any air conditioning company’s mandate, their technicians focus on the mechanical only; not upon the level of required hygiene.

Control air pollutants at the source, with proper air filtering, sound ventilation strategy, regular hygiene servicing, and maintenance of all HVAC units – and be absolutely sure about use and application of biocide products, that these are superior, environmentally-friendly
and safe for your people, throughout our decontamination processes.

Are those chemicals being applied to clean your building and the carpets actually safe for you – and broadly, IAQ? Gets you really questioning whether Sq/m rate cleaning actually delivers those outcomes you need?

Create cleaner, and safer indoor environments.

For cleaner ventiliation, airflow & HVAC systems:

  • Hygiene management for any type/size of HVAC system, or Air Conditioner/s.

  • Preventative hygiene maintenance programs mitigate contamination.

  • Formalised IAQ verbal & documented reporting outlines specifics to your issue, and our remediation works solution.

  • High-calibre scientific teams and latest technologies for IAQ testing.

  • Only the safest, proprietary-owned biocides and natural cleaning products (superior and safe.) EPA approved.

  • We assess, test and sample all types of surfaces.

How clean and safe is your Indoor Air?