Superior, Natural Air & Surface Sanitisers

For a Cleaner, Safer Environment.  
New standard in air & surface cleaning solutions.

Market-leading Sanitising Products.

Building health and hygiene was the driving force behind our proprietary development and manufacture of range of next-gen decontamination products.

Containing over 110 active, safe anti-microbial, anti-fungal compounds. With Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle – the most natural, microbe-inhibiting products on the market today, Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard products are your number one choice for effective, safe sanitisers for any type of workplace or residence.


Surface Sanitiser

Surface-Guard is a most effective maintenance intervention for any home or workplace.   Broad spectrum, new generation biocide.

One product – multiple applications.

Environmentally-friendly. No toxic chemicals.   Excellent for use to sanitise and decontaminate HVACs, and other important hygiene equipment in workplaces, healthcare, aged-care facilities and with an all-natural Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle combination base; makes it super safe for homes and family use.

Surface Guard - HBS
Vapour Guard

Air Quality,

Vapour-Guard is a natural micro-biocide used to mitigate odours, mould, bacterial infection and air pollution at the source.

Latest innovation that naturally vapourising and treating the air to produce cleaner, safer air quality, across the entire built environment.