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IAQ Services. Mould Identification and Remediation.
HVAC Duct Work Mechanical Inspections and Soft/Hard Flooring Maintenance Programs.

Inspection, Root Cause Analysis and Decontamination.

Healthy Building Systems Australia - Perth Hygiene Services

IAQ, Ventilation & Mould Specialists

Eliminating Building Contaminants.

WA’s only Accredited HVAC ductwork inspection company.
Enhance the cleanliness and health of HVAC/ Air Conditioning systems.
Hygienically cleaning HVAC ductwork and systems for safer ventilation outcomes incl. improved IAQ issues.

Pilbara & Remote.

Mould root cause investigations (HVAC / Air Conditioning systems)
Critical for Hot and Humid Environments.

HBS Pilbarra & Remote

Mould-related challenges for built environment.

HBS Aust. has 24+ years’ experience in mould/root cause from Kununurra to Albany.

Managing building assets well requires experience and certifications (Healthy Building Systems has all the expertise.)

Mould Services - Healthy Building Systems Australia

Clean Air.  
Fresh Flooring.
Mould-Free Living.

Improving Outcomes  |  Mitigating Risk  |  Lowering your Energy Costs

Healthy Building Systems, Australia are a specialised building hygiene services team, based in Perth and servicing across Western Australia.

Established in 1996, we have been assisting clients with indoor built environment hygiene, incl. preventative maintenance, decontamination of large HVACs, soft and hard flooring maintenance programs, and mould infestation root cause and remediation.

IAQ and environmental toxicology are complex sciences, demanding a lifecycle approach and the expertise of many disciplines. HBS has successfully conducted over 2900 investigations/ remediations in mission-critical buildings, making us one of the most experienced, and knowledgeable group in this specialised field.

HBS does not solely rely on Air Monitoring alone. Our comprehensive assessment use a combination of visual inspection, biological testing of surfaces, identified root cause – to understand why and how Mould got there in the first place.


WA’s most reputable built environment services company.  Customised services, certified practices, and competitive pricing. The experts for any IAQ, HVAC or Mould Decontamination, or Soft Flooring Maintenance program.


HVAC Hygiene & Ventilation Management

Latest technology, decontamination products, and expert technicians who clean and purify all types of large scale Heating and Ventilation (HVAC) and commercial Air-Conditioning systems.


Mould Investigation & Remediation

One of Australia’s most renowned Mould experts. Advice and remediation services, mitigate and remove all types of mould and fungi from contaminated spaces and buildings.


Soft & Hard Floor Maintenance

Cleaning and protecting flooring assets. Prolong the longevity. Manage the hygiene and environmental impact on your carpets and other flooring.


Indoor Air Quality

Our experienced IAQ technicians investigate root cause and rectify indoor air contamination and triggers.

IAQ Technicians

Air conditioning systems harbour dangerous contaminants with the potential to cross-contaminate entire buildings. Further repeatedly degrading indoor air quality and affecting people's health, the facility hygiene and assets.

Only highly-trained technicians should investigate, rectify and mitigate IAQ triggers and issues. Control HVAC hygiene and air pollutants at the source; with sound ventilation strategy and regular hygiene servicing programs for all the HVAC units.

Trust HBS to help your Ventilation hygiene team to deliver the outcomes your business needs, applying appropriate and safe biocide products that are superior, environmentally-friendly for your people, throughout the decontamination process.

Prioritise Healthier Environments and Indoor Air Quality

Powerful Tea Tree Oil & Lemon Myrtle Combined

Achieve clean fresh air and hygienic ventilation with Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard products.  Explore these safe, natural proprietary-products; made right here in Western Australia, by by HBS.

Specifically renowned for their natural, safe and powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, HBS proprietary formulas use Melaleuca Tea Tree oil and Lemon Myrtle as natural disinfectants, in all our products.‍

Surface Guard - HBS
Surface Sanitiser

Surface-Guard is a most effective maintenance intervention for any home or workplace.   Broad spectrum, new generation biocide.

Air Quality, HVAC & AC Decontamination

Vapour-Guard is a natural micro-biocide used to mitigate odours, mould, bacterial infection and air pollution at the source.

Vapour Guard 1kg Gel Packs

Designed for large commercial HVAC systems, wall mounted split systems, they can be place in any Air conditioning system.


Healthy Building Systems Australia

Only Air Systems Decontamination certified specialists in Western Australia. VSMR (Ventilation System Mould Remediators) by NADCA - National Air Duct Cleaners Assn. in USA. Certification No. 12772546