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Water Damage Restoration


For any water damage situation, a fast response – inside 24 hrs – is critical to maintain indoor air quality, prevent adverse effect on occupant health, safety or further cross-contamination of the building.

HBSA trained technicians have the specialist knowledge and experience to deal with any type of water damage situation.

We quickly isolate the source/s of contamination, intrusion levels, type of water (white, grey or black) and introduce the best methods for treatment and reinstatement.

Timely, cost-effective work to remediate any risk that water damage is likely have upon your building, its fittings and the safety of occupants.


Important Notes

  • Get professional assistance inside the first 24 hours; this is critical with any water damage!
  • Dead mould can still cause allergic reactions – it is not enough to kill mould, it must also be physically removed

  • Do not use chlorine bleach [sodium hypochlorite] to kill mould or disinfect mouldy areas. Bleach is not an effective or lasting killer of toxic mould growth

  • Do not use fans to dry carpets – further spreads the mould spores, and can cross contaminate an entire building and its assets
  • Never try to paint over mould problems


Water damaged ceiling

Water intrusion onto carpet

Water damaged carpet

Water intrusion

Water damage

Water damage

Water damage

Water damage

Water damage

Water damage