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Australian Tea Tree

Why HBSA Uses Australian Tea Tree?

HBSA Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard are products formulated with naturally-occurring elements; one of which is Australian tea tree oil.

Safely applied and used widely in personal care, antiseptic and cosmetic products globally, Australian tea tree oil is one of the most studied oils in the world. With more 900 peer-reviewed studies completed, the evidence points to tea tree oil qualities as powerful anti-microbial agents – with natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Derived from pure, uncloned and steam-distilled Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil) farmed in Northern NSW, Australia, those disinfectant qualities along with natural emulsifiers combine to produce Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard.

An effective inhibitor of fungal infection and fungal growth, tea tree oil has gained traction as an anti-viral agent too. Viruses are incredibly resistant, many can remain dormant for years and survive under the harshest conditions (poison, heat, etc). Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard products attack contaminants by weakening the bacterial and viral biology, actively rupturing the virus’ protective cyst.

Recent studies demonstrate the potential of tea tree’s qualities in mitigating development of resistance in pathogens. Oxford Journal research in the UK shows tea tree oil products may have a clear clinical application in healthcare and community buildings.

The unique HBS product formula complies with commercial standards for tea tree oil use as determined by ISO 4730 (2004) and AS 2782-2009.


Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard are natural, preservative free products and typically non-irritants to majority of the population. However, we caution there may occasionally be an exception in terms of individual sensitivity to tea tree oil. If in any doubt, personal protection, eg. gloves, should be worn.

Tea Tree

HBSA uses Tea Tree Oil in their products because of all their natural benefits.