Duty of care requirements exist as to the level of biological contamination (allergens, pathogens, toxins) allowable inside buildings, especially in relation to aged care, healthcare sectors.

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We engaged the services of Health Building Systems for their expertise in Mould Remediation and Mitigation works – and their services helped us in a variety of ways from complete building remediation works to HVAC cleaning, decontamination of split systems to refurbishment of HVAC package units.  Healthy Building Systems are a safety-driven company, who pride themselves quality and their excellent safety record and adapt themselves to our requirements, always representing and conducting themselves with honesty and integrity.   I’m very impressed with their quality work and their knowledge in these fields and therefore have no hesitation to recommend Healthy Building Systems to any company.

Shane McDonnell, Project Manager

Following extensive, severe storm damage across the city of Perth, Princess Margaret Hospital suffered water damage through a number of its buildings.  Healthy Building Systems were engaged for remediation, and the clean up process; this being carried out thoroughly, efficiently and fast.     Those works required were extensive – mould remediation, water egress and reinstatement.  We certainly benefited greatly from HBS’ knowledge and treatment solution in those areas – and this work has now led us to continue to use HBS in areas such as infection control, flooring treatments, and HVAC monitoring and environment controls and that strong relationship with Hayden and his team at HBS.

Shaun Ensor, Facility Manager

Indoor Environment Hygiene Solutions


HBS field services involve advice, assessment, testing, containment, remediation and preventative servicing to

counter IAQ toxicity, mould and other contaminants.

Making buildings safer, more efficient and cheaper to operate.

Healthy Building Systems Australia leads organisations through necessary adaptation, with well-defined processes, a multi-disciplined team and industry-leading innovation and tools. HBSA is the most logical, trusted choice for all your indoor environmental hygiene management needs.