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Hazards Perpetuated by the Indoor Built Environment

We spend lengthy amounts of time each day indoors, in our offices, homes, schools, health care facilities, aged care or in other private or public buildings. Ability to breathe healthy indoor air in buildings is recognized as a basic human right, and it is an important determinant of continued health and well-being.  There are serious health risks associated [...]

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Mould….What You Need To Know.

There’s serious talk around these days on mould, but just how much do you really understand about the nature and consequences of it? Resisting mould from growing (in any indoor built environment - our homes, workplaces, schools etc) remains one of the most important considerations for a healthier, safer setting in which to live. [...]

Is Mould the new Summer Cold?

It is what we don’t see, and breathe that matters... Recently, a client phoned Healthy Building Systems because he feared he may be highly allergic to particular species of mould and following a skin test, conducted by his Naturopath on him, as was suspected, this was the case. Every morning he was waking up [...]

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What’s Under Your Feet?

Key role flooring plays in the comfort and health of people and the performance of the indoor built environment. There's usually a combination of factors converging to create indoor environment risk.   As workplaces endeavour to promote conditions for the most positive, affective functioning of its inhabitants - people's ability to work well is affected [...]