Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Acceptable IEQ & IAQ Levels

IAQ is concerned with the nature and quality of indoor air and how this impacts daily on our lives. 

Awareness is growing on health concerns perpetrated by indoor environments – poor building ventilation and soft flooring management are linked to a wide range of ailments. Evidence shows up to 50% of all illnesses are caused by unhealthy indoor pollution. Polluted indoor air also impacts on system and asset efficiency, lifecycle and risk (fire, critical breakdowns etc).

Legislation and duty of care requirements placed on companies in relation to biological contamination inside buildings means it is vital to maintain acceptable, clean and healthy IAQ levels. 

Experienced IAQ Technicians

Only highly trained technicians should be invited to investigate, rectify and mitigate IAQ triggers and issues. Air conditioning systems harbour dangerous contaminants which can cross-contaminate entire buildings, repeatedly degrading indoor air.

Control air pollutants at the source with proper air filtering, sound ventilation strategy, regular servicing and maintenance of all HVAC units and using superior biocide products throughout any decontamination processes.

Assessment & Testing

HBS Australia analyses IEQ by carefully assessing, testing, and sampling air and surfaces. Mycology testing and reporting performed independently by the CSIRO to ensure accuracy and transparency across all client documentation. Formal IAQ reporting (verbal and documented) from HBS outlines most optimal remediation solution and works for any indoor built environment issue.


HBS Australia as industry-leaders operate to code of practice in soft flooring; standards in Australian-New Zealand AS/NZS 3733-1995, and USA standards, guidelines for mould remediation IICRC 520.

HBS Australia is also certified with the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) in USA – this promotes uniform standards, practices, procedures and educates IAQ practitioners on protocols, research and updated training methods. We are members of a forum group which presents the latest innovations and ideas globally, on emerging IAQ and IEQ fields.

HBS Australia management are qualified with an Environmental Fungi Certificate of Mycology from Murdoch University.

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