HVAC & Split AC Sanitisation,
Cleaning and Purification Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Neglectful cleaning or maintenance practices make HVACs dangerous carriers of biological hazard and infection. Left operating without attention, HVAC’s will spread environmental fungi, bacteria, airborne infection, odour and other biological contaminants throughout the entire building, affecting people’s health and productivity.

Professional HVAC purification and system maintenance delivers optimal functioning, energy conservation and more importantly, better health and hygiene outcomes in commercial built environments and large homes.

Accumulated dust and moisture in HVAC systems also exposes businesses to the very real risk of fire and/or system breakdown.

In line with duty of care and compliance, HVAC systems require regular maintenance and purification. HBSA technicians routinely inspect and sanitise HVAC systems - we decontaminate and extend lifecycles of all types of HVAC systems - large or small.

Safer, cleaner air for building occupants; longer asset life.

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