Vapour-Guard front line air defence

Pollutants and allergens impact on human health - treat your indoor air naturally with Vapour-Guard. A vaporising treatment for cleaner, safer air quality throughout buildings and to protect occupants.

  • Vapour-Guard Split 250mL Bonus extra! Free Vapour-Guard tray

    Vapour-Guard Split 250mL

    Innovative split product naturally vaporising and treating indoor air in homes and workplaces. With its easy-to-install safety cassette, Vapour-Guard is practical and effective.

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  • Vapour-Guard 1kg

    Vapour-Guard 1kg

    Anti-microbial control agent, Vapour-Guard trays inhibit airborne bacterial growth and environmental pollutants. 1Kg is the ideal size for workplaces and medium-large scale AC systems. 

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  • Vapour-Guard 2kg

    Vapour-Guard 2kg

    Vapour-Guard 2Kg is the ideal size for coverage of commercial buildings and large scale HVAC systems. Unique air technology attacks air pollution at the source.

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How Vapour-Guard works

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, Vapour-Guard is a complimentary air treatment and slow-release sanitiser.

It is not a masking agent, it is a natural micro-biocide that mitigates odours, mould, bacterial infection and air pollution at the source.

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