Carpet-Guard encapsulation technology

Carpet-Guard is an safe, quick-dry encapsulation spray designed, developed and manufactured in Australia from local components. Ideal for busy commercial carpeted floorings, Carpet-Guard is cost-effective, minimising water use on the job and it is very economical - a little goes a long way.

Carpet Guard

How Carpet-Guard works

An innovative crystalline polymer technology that effectively "captures" soil residue and chemicals. Carpet-Guard spray, combined with mechanical agitation, will effectively dislodge and dissolve soil, dirt or grit. 

Will leave your carpets fresh - the fibres clean, bright and soil-residue free.

Safe for use on wool, stain resistant nylons and washable upholstery fabrics.

Carpet-Guard is the healthier choice because it contains no toxic or nasty chemicals, dries fast and has a pleasant essential oil-based lavendar fragrance.