Superior, Natural
Air & Surface Sanitisers

Indoor Environment Solutions

Building health and hygiene is the driving force behind HBS Australia's development and manufacture of this range of new generation anti-microbial products. These products contain over 110 active, safe compounds.

Some of the most natural, innovative, microbe-inhibiting products on the market today. Vapour-Guard and Surface-Guard products are number one choice safe sanitisers for the workplace and home.  

Surface-Guard HVAC & Surface Sanitiser

HVAC & Surface Sanitiser

Surface-Guard is a most effective maintenance intervention for any home or workplace.

Broad spectrum, new generation biocide. One product - multiple applications.

Environmentally-friendly. No toxic chemicals. Excellent for use to santise and decontaminate HVACs, and other important hygiene equipement in workplaces, healthcare age-care facilities and in our homes.

Vapour-Guard Air & HVAC Sanitiser

Air & HVAC Sanitiser

Vapour-Guard is a natural micro-biocide used to mitigate odours, mould, bacterial infection and air pollution at the source. 

Innovation that naturally vapourises; treating the air to produce cleaner, safer air quality in the indoor environment.