Superior, Natural
Air & Surface Sanitisers Indoor environment solutions

Building health and hygiene is the driving force behind HBSA' development and manufacture of this range of new generation anti-microbial products. Each contains over 110 active compounds.

These products are some of the most natural, innovative, microbe-inhibiting products on the market today. Vapour-Guard, Surface-Guard and Carpet-Guard products are the number one choice for safer sanitisers for the home or workplace.


Surface-Guard Surface Sanitiser

Broad spectrum, new generation biocide. One product - multiple applications.

Environmentally-friendly and no toxic chemicals - Surface-Guard is a most effective maintenance intervention for any home or workplace.


Vapour-Guard Air Sanitiser

Naturally vapourising air treatment for cleaner, safer indoor air quality.

Vapour-Guard is a natural micro-biocide used to mitigate odours, mould, bacterial infection and air pollution at the source.


Carpet-Guard Encapsulation Spray

Carpet-Guard is a safe, quick-dry encapsulation spray, developed and manufactured in Australia. 

Ideal for commercial carpeted floorings, Carpet-Guard is cost-effective, minimising water use on the job as it is very economical.