Management Expertise and Experience

With years of experience, accomplishments and training under our belt, HBSA specialist consultants travel the country to assess, reinstate and remediate all manner of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) situations.

From poor indoor air quality scenarios, mould-affected environments, critical one-off incidents, emergency disaster restoration, HVAC decontamination and more.

Structured Approach Bespoke solutions

HBSA will respond rapidly to any mould infestation, water intrusion incident, contamination and soft flooring problem.

We assess, test and determine requirements of sites and provide our client with the optimal remediation pathway, to prevent further disruption or any future threat to company operations.

Healthy Building Systems Australia will methodically plan, test and propose the best course of action to address an issue and prevent recurrence. We'll also recommend various improvements to existing building maintenance practices for better outcomes in future, in your business.

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