Our Mission What we strive to achieve

To deliver growth and expand the business strategically, with responsive customer processes whilst networking and developing relationships within critical industry sectors.

To improve profitability and returns on investment by increasing sales revenue progressively each year whilst optimizing capacity utilization through strict controls internal controls. To effect realizable triple bottom line deliverables for economic, social and environmental improvement.

Our Vision: To be Australia’s Leading Building and Hygiene Specialists

HBSA Values

Code of conduct includes HBS Australia core values of:

safety icon Safety

  • Committed to health, security and safety of HBSA team and our customers
  • Zero harm
  • Highest standards of safety; we never cut corners or compromise for profit.

empowerment icon Empowerment

  • Encouraging our teams (and clients) to achieve their potential
  • Providing a supportive environment for personal development and autonomy
  • We act on feedback in a timely manner; empowered to get the job done right!

communication icon Communication

  • Communicating with frank openness and honesty
  • Welcoming feedback that allows us to actively improve the HBS services.

integrity icon Integrity

  • Fair, honest – we treat people with respect and dignity
  • Service delivered to higher standards by the sincere, accountable HBSA team
  • Value our stakeholder contributions.

performance icon Performance

  • Committed to attracting and retaining the best skilled technicians 
  • Acknowledging and rewarding exceptional effort
  • We strive for the excellence our client expects.